Destroy Data Silos with MDM

MDM Strategy and Assessment

  • Assess current state of master data

  • Identify pain points

  • Envision future state

  • Develop MDM strategy

  • Define baseline metrics and ROI

Implementation Services

  • Data Standardization Framework – Template based approach for profiling, cleansing and data standardization
  • Data Modeling and Mapping – Mapping master records to standardized Models
  • Matching & Merging – Probabilistic & Deterministic Match & Merge algorithms
  • Downstream Systems Integration using APIs

Operate & Optimize

  • Measure ROI / Monitor
  • KPIs Maximize value
  • Reinvest in new opportunities
  • Continuous improvement

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Entity Matching and Linking Algorithms

Global ID Maintenance

Virtual Composited Views

Multi-search Support

Rich UI for Task Management and Remediation

Visual Monitoring and Analytics for Tuning

Relationship & Hierarchy Linking Rules

Granular Security and Audit

Sub-second Real-time Processing

Automated Task Creation and Notification

Relationship and Hierarchy Visualization